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Words from our patients on…


Since 1999 I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for stroke. I was partially paralyzed, affecting my speech and memory. I suffered from severe depression at the thought that I would have to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair…this was my medical prognosis. I tried acupuncture because I had used up all my options and had nowhere else to go. Now, I have recovered most of the functions I have lost…I can even dance again!


Six years ago when I turned 31 years old, I tried to get pregnant, but was not successful. During that time, I went through eight attempts with intra-uterine insemination, and other methods. After several miscarriages, I decided to add acupuncture to my program. I also changed my diet and did Qigong exercises. After three treatments, I was finally successful with carrying my baby to full term! My husband and I were so happy.

Six years later, we decided to have another baby. This time we knew what to do. With five treatments, again I was successful in getting pregnant. Now I am happily anticipating the birth of my second child!

Neck & Shoulder Pain

It was my first time to go to an acupuncturist. My neck and shoulders had been bothering me for awhile because I play sports (especially soccer) a lot. I had been to the clinic with my sister before but I did not know what to expect. After my treatment, I wasso amazed at how this helped me. My shoulders and neck never felt better than this before. My back was also relieved, I felt so good and relaxed. I am sure I can play sports better now.


My thyroid problem was getting worse with time; I was basically faced with a choice of having it surgically treated and then take hormones for the rest of my life, or try a more natural, non-invasive method of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Now, after several treatments, I feel and look so much better, and I am happy. Ken and Jenny helped my family and me a lot. I love them for this!


I am very happy to share with you words of praise from a veteran spouse who was very pleased with the assistance you provided to him. Clearly, you exceeded Mr. Donald Anglin's expectations and made a difference to him.

Your continued support and professionalism to our nation's veterans is appreciated. Thank you.