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Herbal Medicine

At J & K Medical Center, we carry finest herbal products on the market. We will recommend the appropriate herbs to treat your specific condition. Available in different forms, herbs are safe, gentle and potent. And, unlike prescription medicine, when properly used, there are rarely any side effects.

If you'd like to ask about herbal remedies, consultation, or place an order, please call us at 561.640.3986 or email us at

Featured Herbal Products


One Dragon Energy Herbal Patch >

Since ancient times ONE DRAGON has been healing aches and pains. It has a effect of moving blood for the joints and bones, dispersing wind and dampness, releasing heat, stop pain. It is also the antithesis for sciatic nerve pain, broken bones, and sports injuries.


Ginger Root Bath Powder >

This soaking formula takes highest quality natural ginger grown in the mountains. Along with an unique combination of the purest concentrate of other herbs. It can increase metabolism and circulation, move qi and blood. After use, your skin will restore to its natural elasticity and relax your mind and body.